Hello, I normally pull out my facial hair manually. Is it possible for you to remove them with laser?

Laser epilation using alexandrite laser is the only hair removal procedure certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably efficient. The treatment is very fast, thanks to a special skin cooling system right before and after the laser impulse it is also painless and is truly permanent. If you normally pull your hair out, stop doing it few weeks before the laser treatment, as the laser has to have hair bulbs to target and destroy.

Hello, is there any difference between Injection Lipolysis and Lipomodelling treatment?

Both Injection Lipolysis and Lipomodelling are mini-invasive methods. Active solutions are applied straight into fat cells during both these procedures. Speaking of Injection Lipolysis, the active solution in this case is lecithin. In case of lipomodelling, it’s an solution on a base with peptide. Both solutions are fully compatible with human body and ensure completely natural and safe treatment. Of the two, Lipomodelling is the evolutionary more advanced method, its results are usually faster and the number of repetition recommended is lower.

Can I do sports after the treatment?

Of course you can, there is no limitation in movement.

Hello, can this method be applied for the double chin removal?

Yes, it can. Injection Lipolysis is actually one of the very best methods for removing unwanted fat under the chin.

Hello, I wanted to ask you whether it is possible to remove the fat from my knees.

Of course it is. Active solution of lecithin is applied straight into fat cells during Injection Lipolysis, which is one of the most effective techniques for fat removal in smaller areas. After being applied, it immediately starts fast and effective fission of the fat cells, which then slowly die out and are discharged off your body naturally, through your lymphatic system. The solution is fully compatible with human body and ensures completely natural and safe treatment. 

Is there any limitation after the procedure?

Not at all. Just stay away from saunas for a bit and do not perform sports or drink alcohol on the day of the treatment.

Hello, I’d like to book for this procedure. I want to lose some weight from my belly and thighs. Is this procedure suitable for me?

Yes, the treatment can be performed in the areas of your interest. It also depends on the actual state of your fat layer in the area. The doctor will gladly give you more information during a personal consultation and examination.

Hello, I have a question. Is the procedure suitable for a 63 year old woman?

This treatment is suitable for anyone older than 18.

Hello. Is one procedure enough or do I have to repeat it?

The procedure can help you get rid of up to 40 % of locally stored fat after a single treatment. The fat cells removed shall be gone forever. Most patients are satisfied after one treatment; however, the procedure can be repeated in order to achieve a more remarkable result.

Question: What’s the difference between the classical braces, the invisible ones and the foil ones?

Answer: Traditional fixed outer braces consist of small metal brackets and a thin connective wire. The brackets are fixed on the outer side of the teeth and are slowly being pulled together through various stages of straightening into a nice and healthy dental arch. Unlike the traditional braces, the invisible ones are fixed on the inner side of the teeth, which makes them invisible at the first sight. A special type of braces is the foil ones (also called removable). In this case, several individual sets of transparent foils are made for each patient based on the computer modelling, which they systematically change according to the treatment plan. 

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