How can I efficiently fight cellulitis?

We recommend a combination of specific cellulitis moderating treatments, such as SkinLift procedure and medical wraps.

Who will benefit from hyaluronic application or who is this procedure not suitable for?

Hyaluronic acid application will help patients suffering from degenerative or mechanically induced arthropathy of the knee or hip joints, which causes changes in the character and function of natural synovial fluid. The treatment is not suitable for people sensitive to any of the components in the solution, particularly to hyaluronic acid. Indication and contraindications should always be discussed with the physician.

How often do I need to repeat the hyaluronic acid application?

Every technique and every particular substance has a unique application scheme. Some of them only require one application a year; it’s necessary to apply some twice within a short period of time and then again in 6 months and others require 3 repetitions within 56 months. 

What effects does hyaluronic acid have in orthopaedics? Does it only protect the cartilage or does it nurture it, too?

Hyaluronic acid both protects the cartilage and nurtures it. Apart from that, it also works as a substitution for synovial fluid within the joint and it eases pain.

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