Threadlift Art Filting

Is it the sagging skin in your face that worries you? Then you have a great chance to solve it all through a single treatment – the new technique of thread lifting called Art Filting®. Its main advantages are: immediately visible effect, low demands and no recovery time needed.

What is Art Filting®?

Art Filting® is a mini-invasive thread lifting based on the combination of barbered absorbable thread cones. Two different types of sutures are placed within the deep skin layers, which play an important role during the lifting process. This unique combination of techniques lifts the sagging tissue and then it fixates it at a certain position in a long term.

The sutures are placed in special cannulas enabling the surgeon to completely avoid any cuts, tying or knots. The patient feels immediate and visible lifting. The results of Art Filting® are comparable to a plastic surgery (as the procedure is capable of lifting even significantly sagged skin) without general anaesthesia or any recovery time needed. Thanks to its beneficial influence on the collagen production, Art Filting® also improves the quality of the skin from within, which no surgery is capable of.

Which areas can I have treated by this method?

Art Filting® is usually performed in the lower third of the face and in the area of so called double chin. It is, however, also possible to use it in the neck area or the area of the décolleté. The area under the eyes is also popular as Art Filting® efficiently reduces bags under the eyes.

The effect of Art Filting®

The effect of Art Filting® is very natural but most of all – it is visible immediately. Moreover, in the following weeks the tissue will slowly coat the threads and in three months the treatment will achieve its full effect, which could last two up to four years. The only thing you’ll have to do for your yet-again-young and beautiful face is to wear a specialised fixating mask overnight for two weeks.

Art Filting® or mesothreads?

Both these methods belong in the category of thread lifting. Special biocompatible threads are applied into the skin during both these treatments and the body eventually metabolises them. The technique of application of both types of these threads and their function in the skin, however, are very different.

While mesothreads tighten the skin and prevent its withering; Art Filting® is a gentler alternative of surgical facelift. It grants the skin a very distinctive lifting effect while it remains completely mini-invasive. Regarding number of threads applied, the difference is also visible – while the full-face treatment with mesothreads usually requires 20 – 30 threads, Art Filting® treatment of the same area usually only requires 6 – 12 threads. The number of threads needed is of course always individual, as every patient is different.


Threadlift Art Filting | Klinika Mediestetik Threadlift Art Filting | Klinika Mediestetik


Threadlift Art Filting | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Face treatment from 22 000 Kč


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Good day. I’m very interested in Art Filting. I’m 57 years old and my skin is sagged mostly in the lower third of my face. Can you delete wrinkles above my upper lip too during this treatment? Thank you

Art Filting method is the most efficient solution for the treatment of sagging skin. For the wrinkles around the mouth, however, a different procedure might be more suitable for you. One of those could be dermal filler application, which is one of the greatest solutions for deep wrinkle correction. Wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes can be corrected by this method very well.

I’m 66 years old. Can I be treated by this method, too?

This method can be used in any age, as it depends on the skin quality and state more than on the actual age. The doctor will gladly tell you after examining your skin in person, whether this method is suitable for you or not.

I’m 43 years old and have sagging skin under my chin. I’ve read about the Art Filting method. Can it be suitable for me?

Art Filting method is the most efficient solution for the treatment of sagging skin, which suggests that it would be great for you. The doctor will, however, gladly confirm it after examining your skin in person. Based on your condition, the best possible treatment plan will be designed for you during the consultation.

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