Laser Removal of Birthmarks, Wart, Moles

Our body cannot deal with all types of warts and not every freckle is beautiful either. Some of them can be just an aesthetic problem, others can be dangerous. The classical surgical way of removal such skin conditions is usually painful and needs relatively long recovery time. Laser removal of such skin conditions, on the other hand, is fast, efficient and rather painless.

How does the laser birthmark removal work?

At first the dermatologist assesses the birthmark and decides whether it is suitable for removal or not. If so, they use fractional ablative laser Candela® CO2 which is highly effective in the removal of unwanted structures on the skin such as excrescences of various kind, birthmarks, fibromas, papilomas and warts. It achieves great results in correcting acne scars, in removing unwanted pigmentation and in overall skin rejuvenation, too as it corrects wrinkles and firms up the skin.

The laser beam is focused solely on the area of the problem; it does not influence any other tissue or vessels. Thanks to its unique system of targeting this laser also stimulates the skin to faster healing. Its normalization then comes in a rather short time.

Which birthmarks are dangerous?

Worldwide statistics show that the number of patients with the malign melanoma diagnosis (a type of skin cancer) increases every year. The most important factor of how to stop this from happening is thorough prevention which consists mostly of regular preventive check ups at the dermatologist and from the removal of potentially risky skin structures.

Most of the birthmarks and freckles are not dangerous. Bulging moles, however, are more injury-prone; therefore more caution is necessary there. In case some of your freckles are visibly changing – their shape, size or colour – don’t hesitate and visit the dermatologist immediately.

The effect of laser birthmark removal

The treatment is ambulatory, it’s performed in topical anaesthesia and takes only a few minutes. Straight after the procedure it is not recommended to soak the area or to expose it to sun. Approximately after a week, all is back to normal.

What can cause melanoma?

High-risk factors for the development of melanoma are genetic predispositions, hormones, weakened immune system, history of melanoma in the family or previously experienced melanoma. The most serious factor, however, is sun which stimulates body to produce melanin, skin pigment that naturally protects the skin from UV radiation. Every case of sunburn increases the risk of melanoma development, especially in childhood.


Laser Removal of Birthmarks, Wart, Moles | Klinika Mediestetik Laser Removal of Birthmarks, Wart, Moles | Klinika Mediestetik


Laser Removal of Birthmarks, Wart, Moles | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Removing marks from 3 000 Kč
  • Examination dermatoscope 2900 Kč

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My son has a wart on his foot. We’ve already been to the doctor for nitrogen burning, but it did not work. Is your method better?

At our clinic, we provide laser removal of warts. It is more technologically advanced and has a high success rate.

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