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Weight loss in spring offer - cryolipolysis with 15% discount

Spring promotion on non-invasive liposuction - achieve your dream figure with 15% off! Cryolipolysis will help you achieve your desired body shape effortlessly.

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Dr. Lucie Fialová is a certified plastic surgeon with rich experience. In 2008, she graduated from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague, and during her studies, she also completed several foreign internships. Currently, she works at the Burn and Plastic Surgery Clinic of the University Hospital Brno, where she specializes in a wide range of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Her main focus is breast reconstruction for oncological patients. She expands her knowledge and skills through regular participation in congresses and symposiums on reconstructive and plastic surgery. She is also the author of several articles in professional journals and a co-author of educational publications for medical professionals. In the field of aesthetic surgery, she specializes particularly in eyelid surgery, body contouring using liposuction techniques, abdominoplasty, and aesthetic breast surgery. 

Are you looking for quality dental care and an expert with extensive experience and a passion for their work? Dr. Kateryna Varevina is the new addition to the dental team at Mediestetik Clinic. With an accreditation from the prestigious Charles University, you are guaranteed to receive the best care for your teeth from a professional with a meticulous approach. She specializes in prosthetic and conservative dentistry, as well as microscopic endodontics, to provide you with the best possible care and keep your teeth in perfect condition. Visit Mediestetik Clinic and give your teeth the care they deserve.

Maria Říha is another unique doctor we had the opportunity to welcome at Mediestetik Clinic. Her rich international experience is now available to all patients seeking aesthetic dermatology. She graduated from M.K. Amosov University, completed foreign internships at Umea Universitet in Sweden, and also became an essential member of the team at Motol University Hospital in Prague. She is passionately devoted to delicate, creative, and precise work, aiming to correct imperfections and delay any signs of aging. Each procedure has its purpose and specific indications, which is why she fearlessly combines injectable treatments with modern devices to achieve the best results for her patients. She believes that true beauty emanates primarily from within – from self-confidence, self-respect, and self-love. Therefore, for her, aesthetic dermatology is not only about enhancing external appearance but also about supporting patients' self-confidence.

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