Question: How exactly does the implantation work?

Answer: The process consists of three phases – firstly, the patient needs to consult their issues with the dentist in order to design a concrete treatment plan, then the actual implantation occurs, approximately after 14 days the stitches are removed and approximately after three months the crown can be placed on top of the titanium root.

Question: Hello, my son 18 years old has a problem with his front teeth – they’re too big and my son is thinking about extracting them and put implants in. Do you think it’s wise? His teeth are otherwise healthy and nice.

Answer: If the teeth are healthy, we choose implantation as the very last option. If your son is not happy with the size and shape of his teeth, it is possible to alter it through ceramic veneers or crowns in a shape and colour of your son’s liking. 

Mám velmi ošklivou barvu zubů, až do šeda, i když se nekazí, pomohou mi fazety?

Dobrý den, ve vašem případě je ideálním řešením využít ultratenkých fazet, které se používají k restauraci chrupu jzejména v případě potřeby změny barvy či povrchu zubu. Při ošetření ultratenkými fazetami se obrušuje minimální tloušťka povrchu zubu. 

Question: Hello, I wanted to ask – what exactly is this CEREC device?

Answer: CEREC® is a new generation robotic system of 3D modeling, which scans the patient’s oral cavity down to the tiniest details and then designs the optimal shape of the dental filling or crown for such case. Afterwards, it also manufactures the recommended prosthesis in high-quality ceramics in a span of tens of minutes. This means no laboratory work, the patient only visits the dentist once and they leave with a fully functional prosthesis, no stress, no waiting.

Question: Hello, with this device, can I have my crown manufactured and applied in one visit?

Answer: Yes, you can. This device designs and manufactures the dental crown in a span of tens of minutes.

Is it possible to make a 3D image for you?

Hello yes yes it is. At our Prague 2 clinic, we dispose of equipment that produces both OPG images and 3D images. Thanks to the OPG image, the dentist has a complete overview of your cavity and can therefore recommend the most appropriate treatment for you, thanks to the 3D image, your doctor can get a better idea of the state of the bones, which is especially useful when implanting or surgical treatment.

Question: Can I have an X-ray done at your clinic?

Answer: Of course you can. Modern dentistry uses a whole range of diagnostic devices enabling the dentist to provide a truly complex care for all their patients. At our clinic, you can find two types of X-ray devices, the panoramic one and the intraoral one. 

Question: I have very bad teeth colour, although they’re healthy. Can veneers help?

Answer: Hello, in such cases we often recommend ultrathin veneers, used specifically for such surface problems as the unwanted teeth colour.

Question: Hello, is it possible to solve broken teeth through veneer application?

Answer: Hello, it depends very much on the amount of damage done to the tooth, whether it is just chipped (and therefore can be corrected by veneers) or whether it is more severely damaged and therefore it would be better to correct it through dental crown application. Both cases, however, can be solved.

Question: Can this method treat the carries efficiently?

Answer: Of course it can. After the treatment, the surface of the tooth looks and feels like healthy tooth enamel. The progress of caries is stopped completely and the lifespan of your tooth is prolonged.

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