Question: Hello, do you provide removable dental prosthetics, too?

Answer: Yes, we provide fixed dental prosthetics such as implants, but also removable ones.

Question: Hello, I have several questions. Would it be possible to manufacture a dental bridge at your clinic for 4 front teeth? Upper jaw, I have a 10 year old bridge there now which doesn’t work properly anymore. How many visits it would take and what are the terms?

Answer: The dental bridge manufacturing is possible at our clinic. Altogether it is necessary to visit us three times. At first, you consult your problem with the dentist and we make scans of your jaw. The second visit would occur in a span of 10 to 14 days, when the dentist would remove your old bridge and apply a temporary bridge. After another 14 days it is possible to apply the brand new fixed dental bridge.

I’m 43 years old and have sagging skin under my chin. I’ve read about the Art Filting method. Can it be suitable for me?

Art Filting method is the most efficient solution for the treatment of sagging skin, which suggests that it would be great for you. The doctor will, however, gladly confirm it after examining your skin in person. Based on your condition, the best possible treatment plan will be designed for you during the consultation.

I’m 66 years old. Can I be treated by this method, too?

This method can be used in any age, as it depends on the skin quality and state more than on the actual age. The doctor will gladly tell you after examining your skin in person, whether this method is suitable for you or not.

Good day. I’m very interested in Art Filting. I’m 57 years old and my skin is sagged mostly in the lower third of my face. Can you delete wrinkles above my upper lip too during this treatment? Thank you

Art Filting method is the most efficient solution for the treatment of sagging skin. For the wrinkles around the mouth, however, a different procedure might be more suitable for you. One of those could be dermal filler application, which is one of the greatest solutions for deep wrinkle correction. Wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes can be corrected by this method very well.

Question: Hello, I wonder whether it is true that root canals can be better treated using operating microscope.

Answer: Yes, it’s true. With the introduction of operational microscope an additional insight was provided for the dentists during root canal treatment and the success rate of such treatments has increased up to 97 %.

Question: Hello, what is the operating microscope used for?

Answer: Dental operating microscope is used for various dental treatments, mostly however in endodontics (dental root canal treatment).

Question: Hello, I’ve visited my dentist three times already but the tooth still hurts. Why?

Answer: Endodontics demands a very delicate work and absolute precision from the dentist. The re-occurring pain suggests the tooth hasn’t been treated completely, it could be a dental tool broken in the root etc. Specialists at our clinic have rich experience in this field and they use only newest endodontic tools for their work, including high-quality dental operating microscope of a prestigious Carl Zeiss brand, which allows them to treat even very complicated cases with almost 100 % success.

Question: What exactly is the dental operating microscope?

Answer: Formerly, the dentist had to only rely on his eyes and his touch in order to examine even complicated problems of teeth and the gums. With the introduction of operational microscope an additional insight was provided for them and for example, the success rate of endodontic treatments – for which the microscope is primarily used – has increased up to 97 %. The microscope enables to magnify up to 30 times, which makes dental treatments precise and thorough.

Question: Hello, I’ve heard that teeth whitening can endanger the enamel and make the teeth more sensitive. Is it true?

Answer: We provide the teeth whitening using the gentlest system on the market. It utilises whitening gel with 30 % lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, compared to its rivalries, which makes the whitening process possible even for very sensitive teeth without causing any damage to them. 

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