Professional Teeth Whitening

Not even the most luxurious jewellery can be compared with a beautiful smile. There are, however, many dangers lurking out there, which can prevent us from having one – cigarettes, coffee, sweet drinks, medication or even a dental nerve removal – all of these can cause discoloration to your teeth and no whitening toothpaste can solve this. Generally speaking, no home whitening can match the professional one and that’s a verdict.

What is a professional teeth whitening?

There are many systems for teeth whitening available on the market. The gentlest one is ZOOM 3®, which utilises whitening gel with 30 % lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, compared to its rivalries. It’s possible to brighten up your smile up to four tones with just a single appointment at the dentist’s office. You don’t have to be afraid of that neon smile that movie stars are known for either, as ZOOM 3® whitens very naturally.

What happens during the procedure?

The procedure occurs in the dentist’s office, it is performed by a dentist himself and overall takes up to two hours. The whitening works in three to four stages, depending on the patient’s expectations – the dentist applies whitening gel on patient’s teeth and lets the UV lamp affect it for 15 minutes – this allows the patient to monitor the effect throughout the whole treatment. Regarding the result teeth colour, that depends on patient’s natural teeth colour and their life style. Generally speaking, the system is able to whiten the teeth up four tones.

The effect of ZOOM 3® system

Right after teeth whitening it’s recommended that you to follow the so-called white diet for few days. This means you should dismiss any groceries and meals that could possibly affect the results. Cheese, yoghurts, milk, anything matching with your new smile, you are very welcome to enjoy. You don’t even have to skip your favourite white wine! Watch out for the red ones though, as well as beetroot or red meat.

You can enjoy the effect up to three years but the aftercare and your generally life style may determine the lasting results. Smokers and passionate fans of coffee or red wine may be worry-free about their smile for a shorter period than those who don’t enjoy these teeth colouring pleasures.

Teeth whitening at home

Apart from the professional teeth whitening performed in the dentist’s office, it is also possible to manufacture special traces for home use at our clinic. These can be a great solution for the correction of unfavourable teeth coloration as a standalone procedure or it can be an addition to ZOOM 3® treatment enhancing the results over the time. The traces are made for each patient individually according to their oral cavity structure. Thanks to this personalization it is guaranteed and secured that the whitening gel (also available for purchase at the clinic) reaches the exact places it’s supposed to reach without flowing down and irritating the gums or the mouth in general.


Combined professional and home whitening: Pure Whitening Method 

The brightest and shiniest teeth always result from the application of both professional and home whitening. Pure Whitening, the newest addition to the bleaching procedures at the Mediestetik dentistry department, offers such powerful and effective combination, leading to a stunning smile. 

How does Pure Whitening work? 

This special technology combines two approaches. Step one is a consultation with the dentist, who then performs the initial whitening. The doctor then also takes dental imprints necessary for the modelling of well-fitting gel forms for the home-phase of the whitening process. These are carried by the patient for 14 nights in a row. 

What is unique about Pure Whitening? 

The forms with the whitening gel are constantly kept in cold – at the temperatures up to max.10°C. As a result, Pure Whitening represents the only method available at the market, which can guarantee full effect from the manufacturing up to the application. 

Is this method safe? 

Of all products at the market, Pure Whitening system uses the lowest concentration of the hydrogen peroxide and its substance is in accordance with the EU legislation. The gels for the home-phase of the whitening involve 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide (which corresponds to 3% and 5% hydrogen peroxide). The gels used for the dentist-phase of the process have 6% hydrogen peroxide. 

And there is one major advantage of this…

Maintaining of the white results is, with Pure Whitening, not conditioned by a strict “white diet”, which is usually the case with most of the whitening methods available. Pure Whitening effect lasts even without such provisions. Cleaning after a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine does the job and you can still pride with a beautiful smile. 









Professional Teeth Whitening | Klinika Mediestetik Professional Teeth Whitening | Klinika Mediestetik


Professional Teeth Whitening | Klinika Mediestetik


  • Consultation 500 CZK 
  • Surgery whitening ZOOM3 7 500 CZK
  • Home whitening set 4 900 CZK
  • Combination ZOOM3 a nd home
    whitening 9 700 CZK
  • Pure Whitening method 9 700 CZK

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Question: Hello, what kind of teeth whitening do you provide? Thanks.

Answer: We provide the ZOOM 3® system teeth whitening. This system is the gentlest on the market. It utilises whitening gel with 30 % lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, compared to its rivalries. 

Question: Hello, I’ve heard that teeth whitening can endanger the enamel and make the teeth more sensitive. Is it true?

Answer: We provide the teeth whitening using the gentlest system on the market. It utilises whitening gel with 30 % lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide, compared to its rivalries, which makes the whitening process possible even for very sensitive teeth without causing any damage to them. 

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