Hello. I would like to add volume to my face, I have a lot of faulty faces and overall look older than I am. Is it possible to deliver volume to your faces?

Of course, a very effective method of restoring face volume is so-called 3D lifting, which is a special technique for applying dermal fillings. The result is fuller, younger-looking, faces.

I’m interested in Thermage for the eye surrounding and I have a few questions. Are you performing this procedure around the eyelids or do you also treat them? Are the eyes protected somehow during the procedure?

The procedure includes the treatment of the moveable eyelids, too. Special protective lenses are applied before the procedure, so your eyes are protected throughout the whole treatment. Thermage is a very safe procedure that doesn’t affect your eyes anyhow.

Hello, I wonder, how long does the effect of the treatment last?

The effect lasts up to 5 years and even after the maximum effect has passed, the skin will still look and feel better than before the treatment.

Hello, I’m considering undergoing blepharoplasty, but this method of yours caught my attention. Is the effect comparable to the plastic surgery? How long does it last?

Classical blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure. Thermage is a completely non-invasive deep skin lifting. There is no recovery time needed afterwards, nor are there any visible traces left on the skin after the procedure. The outcomes are, however, comparable with the plastic surgery, the eyelids are raised and your gaze will feel younger and fresher in years to come without the need for a surgery.

Hello, you say that age is not a factor for the Thermage treatment, I have, however, heard that the skin loses more collagen the older it gets, so there is basically nothing left to stimulate at certain point. Is this true? What’s the difference between your Thermage and those offered in other beauty salons for less than half of your price?

You are right. Collagen truly diminishes in the skin as the years go by. That is why Thermage is the most efficient technique of skin lifting available. It is able to stimulate even already loosened collagen fibres within the deepest skin layers. It was our clinic, who introduced the procedure to the Czech market as the very first medical facility, which gives us the longest and richest experience in the performance of this procedure. Various beauty salons or studios usually don’t use the authentic device. There are many alternatives of the device, mostly purchased from the Asian markets, or also old discharged devices, which can be purchased relatively cheaply. Their efficiency and their safety, however, are very questionable.

Hello, I want to have my chin hair and hair above the upper lip removed. Is there any special regime needed after the treatment?

There is no special regime or recovery time needed after the procedure. Not exposing the skin to direct sun for approximately 14 days is recommended only, in order for the unwanted pigmentation not to occur. 

Hello, I normally pull out my facial hair manually. Is it possible for you to remove them with laser?

Laser epilation using alexandrite laser is the only hair removal procedure certified by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as provably efficient. The treatment is very fast, thanks to a special skin cooling system right before and after the laser impulse it is also painless and is truly permanent. If you normally pull your hair out, stop doing it few weeks before the laser treatment, as the laser has to have hair bulbs to target and destroy.

Hello, I have really light hair, is it possible to remove them, too?

Unfortunately, hair completely without pigment (such as very light ones and white) cannot be treated this way, as the laser specifically targets the pigment.

Hello, is it possible to treat tanned skin?

Unfortunately, darker, tattooed or tanned skin cannot be treated this way, as the laser targets the pigment. For the same reason it is not possible to remove hair completely without pigment with this method (such as very light ones and white).

Hello, I have a question regarding hair removal in the intimate area. I normally shave but almost every time some of the hair then grow into my skin and cause the inflammation. It takes some time for it to normalize again. I wonder if it’s possible to undergo laser hair removal in my case too, as I have groin full of small scars. Thanks.

In your case we would actually recommend the laser hair removal, as it doesn’t cause the same problem as the regular shaving. Scars are not a problem either.

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